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Anxiety/Stress Reduction/Inner Awareness/Meditation Practice/Emotional and Mental Reframing

Cara has been working in Durham Region as a mindfulness educator and coach since 2015. She was trained in Koru Mindfulness and since then has been working as a coach and guiding people to create positive change in their anxiety and mindful meaning in life. 


Using coaching power tools, and International Coaching Federation competencies, we will shine a light on any area of your life you would like to bring clarity to and a plan a way forward.

Cara is a great listener and gives amazing feedback. She is kind, caring and was very helpful to me, providing me with excellent coping mechanisms for anxiety that I still use today.

Shannon D.



Cara entered my life during a time I was recovering from some health issues and my anxiety was at an all time high. Cara is an extremely, calm, caring and thoughtful person. Through teaching me how to meditate, providing calming strategies and positive self-talk, and self-care advice… she empowered my overall self-esteem. My continued confidence in recognizing my anxiety triggers, being able to set boundaries and managing anxiety within my life will always be owed to Cara. 

Katherine L.



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