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Goal Clarity/Navigating Family Dynamics/Balance Work , Life, Family/Creating Family Connection/Breaking Through Barriers


Cara has a deep understanding and experience in coaching families using the tools of Conscious Care and Support, who live with individuals challenged with mental health or disabilities. Teens and young adults are Cara’s speciality.


Cara also coaches parents who have a long-term anxiety and stress response to the challenges of raising children with special needs or existing mental health challenges, who are looking for a healthier way forward with their loved one.


Covid 19 has many of us living closely with each other in an unprecedented situation that keeps us away from aid of family and friends, or care workers. Often the stress of isolation and no foreseeable change in this situation has the mental health of the entire family affected. Cara has the skills to reframe the experience to a more positive outcome. The path begins with you, one step at a time, Cara walks beside you in a collborative way, she believes we learn from each other.


It was our darkest time as our son was very ill. Cara's work with him was like a ray of sunshine and hope, with scientifically backed, and custom made activities that helped him heal. She is a very uplifting person.

Lisa L.


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